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Rwanda Cocatu Coop SWP Decaf


$12.70 per 1 lb

The dry fragrance of our lightest City+ roast had a caramelized sweetness, like fresh baked honey wheat bread, along with dried banana chips. The wet aroma sees a boost in sweetness, a molasses undertone, and with an accent of roasted nut. When hot, a City+ roast brewed has a flavor of rye ale, malty sweet and with faint hop suggestions. As you move through the cup, sweetness takes on characteristics of barley malt syrup and burned sugar, with a dehydrated apple note, and cinnamon stick and "woodsy" earth accents in the aroma. Taking the roast a shade darker builds up layers of cocoa roast tones, and echoes the beer and grain aspects sensed at City+. Full City and Full City+ roasts are a good roast level for espresso too, Cocatu producing convincing dark cacao notes, and impressive viscosity when pulling ristretto espresso shots. Try letting these darker roasts rest 48 hours for best results.

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