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Burundi Ngara Station SWP Decaf


$12.70 per 1 lb

The dry fragrance has a hint of English Breakfast tea at City+, along with burned sugar, and roasted barley accents. At Full City, the smell is like cinnamon toast with sugar and butter. Sweetness is elevated with the addition of hot water, a deep sugar browning smell comes to fore, speckled with dry spice accents. City+ to Full City is where this coffee boasts the most balance of sugary sweetness and bittering cocoa roast tones. The cup is bodied, which when cool, conveys a syrupy texture pushing flavors of sorghum syrup, barley malt, and a cacao roast tone that is both bittersweet and tangy. Middle roasts have a very long lasting finish, and leave me contemplating layers of baker's cocoa and roasted cacao nibs.

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