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Ethiopia Yukiro Cooperative


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This year's crop from Yukiro is a stunning Ethiopian coffee, light roasts possessing tart fruit and delicate floral notes, deeper roasts building balance between sweetness and contrasting cocoa roast tones, while keeping fruit notes well in focus. At City roast level this coffee shines, where the most clarity in profile flavors and aroma are found, a citric to tannic acidity propping up the complex nature of the cup. The fragrance and aroma smell of honey and sugar in the raw mingle with ripe, floral stone fruits, and a scent of black tea with lemon. Full City echoes the level of syrupy sweetness, with a smell of heavily caramelized sugars, and apricot preserves. A pour over of City roasts yield amazing retronasal aromatics (aromatics sensed through the mouth when the coffee is on the palate, and in the aftertaste), especially once cooled. Top notes of floral peach and apricot, lilac, and stone fruit nectar peek out behind a sweet base of honey wheat. The cooling cup boasts notes of nectarine pie and cherry preserves, and tart orange note in the finish. Full City delivers a mild date flavor, caramel, and a peach Hefeweisen beer flavor in the finish. The aftertaste is clean, a refined fruited sweetness coming to a nice point. It's a complex cup that shows well in light and middle roasting, and we're still searching to find the roast "sweet spot". Some Ethiopias you simply roast light, and that's all that is necessary to find florals, sweetness, and acidity en masse. City roasting finds wonderful florals and acidity in Yukiro too, but I think needs a little extra care in order to build the sweetness (which is definitely 'there'), perhaps an extra few seconds in the roaster.

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