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Costa Jardin de Aromas -Lote Papaya


$10.67 per 1 lb

Dry fragrance is marked by layered raw sugar smells, and a touch of grain sweetness, like barley malt. Full City roasts see a slight uptick in sweet to bitter cocoa tones, as well as fruit, a much more complex fragrance in my opinion. Adding hot water gives off a sense of bittersweet baker's cocoa in the steam, and a sweetness like burned caramel topping. The cup is no far cry from what is sensed in the aroma: solid and straight-forward sweetness like sugar burning in a pan, with a bittersweet base flavor that's a bit like roasted cacao nibs. As the temperature cools down a bit, subtle fruits come into focus, red raisin, slab apricot, and a note of candied citrus peel. A really nice option for espresso too, Full City and FC+ roasts producing a concentrated flavor of dark cacao and creamy nut tones.

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