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Rwanda Rusizi Gashonga Coop


$9.60 per 1 lb

Gashonga makes a solid addition to our Rwanda roster, new to use this season, and now on our radar for next year! The dry fragrance has a dry-spice blend of cinnamon and clove, adding to the complex sweetness that vacillates between unrefined sugar and dried fruit. A buttery sweetness builds in the wet aroma of a City roast, and the break gives way to fruit-laced steam, apricot and golden raisin, along with a cinnamon tea smell. The cup is very pleasantly bittersweet, plays off as black tea at City roast, shifting toward dark cocoa and a raw brown panela sugar flavor as the roast nears Full City. There's a multitude of top notes that pop out as the cup temperature dips, but never out of balance. Our lightest roast boasted accents of yellow cherry, mulling spice, mandarin, and a pleasant jasmine pearl tea grace note. Full City roasts have immense body, like silky chocolate syrup (in flavor too), and a bittersweet cocoa and vanilla sugar flavor long into finish. With a couple days rest Gashonga brews excellent, boasting possessing balanced complexity, and with beautiful cleanliness and clarity in the cup.

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